Our custom Clothes are tailored politely by the highly skilled tailors, using the superior fabrics and techniques. We have the inspection 2 times very carefully because we would like to provide for you wearing the highest quality stuff in the world that is putting our hearts in.

We offer the semi-full order suit which fits your body. We can repair the wrinkle of clothes that we made as much as we can. But we have to say it is difficult to support to solve a problem completely as like full custom made clothes. Of course we sure do our best, so please you just relax and enjoy tailoring the clothes.

If you would like to make a change after order confirm, we are going to repair as much as we can use remain fabric. We need the extra charge as a price for fabric if you needed to change something after order confirm.
Repairing your clothes we made only just 2times please because we are sewing as a semi-full order system, we cannot fix the problem (small wrinkle or not enough space in your armholes etc.) without sizes.
If you notice some problems, please tell us within 7days after you got the clothes. We promise repair the clothes until you consent.

Thank you for your understanding about there is limits of fabric we have. It is impossible to make a change of fabric after order confirm.We do not guarantee fabric cost that does not our fabric. We will exchange fabric that is same quality if we mistake or have problem. We will judge exchange fabric and mistake.

We need to your payment the total of a charge for procurement of the fabric. We start to make your orer-item after more than 50% or full deposit.

We usually planning it takes 5days to 10 days until you can fiting after the order confirm. We can available on request if you need to tailoring hurry up. Please ask us. Please make sure that it takes more time when the busy season in our factory. We are going to call you when we finish tailoring the stuff that you have ordered.

We do not allow cancellation and refund after that you have already confirmed your order. And also you cannot return the clothes that we made.

We appreciate to keep the sample clothes borrowed from you or we can keep the tailored clothes that you ordered in here. But we just can keep your clothes only 120days after we have finished to tailoring. We cannot accept any claim about your sample or tailor made clothes after over 120days.
If your order-made needs repair or have our problem, we are recieved and hand over at our shop in Hanoi. When you need delivery to your address in the case, we demand shipping round fee that we determine.